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Dental Crowns

What does “Dental Crown” mean?

Dental crowns are types of restorations that build up a tooth that has been completely compromised. You may be told that you need a dental crown if a tooth has broken or cracked as well as if you’ve had a root canal performed on one or more natural teeth. Teeth that have very large fillings may eventually need to be crowned to retain the integrity of the tooth’s structure. We provide natural-looking smiles to those who need to have crown work performed.

Why would you need or want a Dental Crown?

Crown technology has come quite a long way and crowns now look more natural than ever before. We will determine if you need a crown by performing both a visual exam as well as take x-rays of the area. Some reasons why you’ll need a crown include:

• Teeth with large fillings
• Cracked, chipped, fractured and broken teeth
• Teeth that have received a root canal
• An implant was surgically placed

What are the benefits of Dental Crowns?

The point and goal of a dental crown is to restore complete functionality to a tooth. When a tooth has broken down or is cracked, it can make it difficult to eat or bite down. If a tooth has a large filling, the filling can eventually crack the tooth and create a lot of pain. Crowns can improve the aesthetic of the smile, creating a fuller and more youthful look.

What happens when you have a Dental Crown placed?

You will receive anesthesia of your choice to make the procedure comfortable for you. The tooth that will be crowned is smoothed down to create a stub that will be used to adhere to the crown. Impressions are taken by our staff and sent to a lab where lab technicians create the actual crown for you. You’ll go home the same day with a temporary crown that is made out of composite resin. You’ll need to come back into the office in order to have the temporary crown removed and the permanent one placed. The bite is smoothed out, making the crown more comfortable and functional.

If you would like a dental crown or want an older crown replaced, call our office and we’ll help to answer your questions regarding this option.