Dental Hygiene and Exams

Dental Hygiene and Exams

What Is Dental Hygiene?

At the Centers for Dental Implants our Dental Hygiene team is second to none. Committed to each patient’s oral health, you can expect your hygienist will take the time to walk you through the entire procedure.

A hygiene visit starts with a patient screening and assessment of oral health. The hygienist will then review your overall health history and will perform an oral cancer screening, as well as inspecting your head and neck.

Depending on the time since your last visit X-rays will be taken of your mouth. Once they are developed (a process which takes minutes or less) the hygienist will begin the “hard work” of cleaning your mouth. This involves a combination of scraping hard and soft deposits (calculus and plaque) off all teeth surfaces. High pressure warm water is also used to remove the debris and to clean between teeth. As a final cleaning step fluorides and other sealants may be used to increase tooth enamel strength.

What Is A Professional Cleaning And Dental Hygiene Exam?

A professional cleaning is performed by a licensed hygienist who works to effectively remove excess buildup from the teeth. This buildup can cause issues with dental decay as well as gingivitis and gum disease. The hygienist’s job is to then measure the gums to check for signs of underlying gum disease. After this work has been done, one of our doctors will come in to perform the exam, which checks for intra-oral problems and signs of dental decay.

Why Is It Important To Have Regular Professional Cleanings And Dental Exams Done?

When there is an excess of buildup on your teeth, it is nearly impossible to remove on your own with a toothbrush alone. If left alone, this buildup can cause dental decay as well as gingivitis. The exam is designed to check for and spot problems early on when treatment is much less invasive. Both cleanings and exams are done as part of a preventative care regimen.

Dental Hygiene and Exams

How Often Do I Need A Check Up For Good Dental Hygiene?

Dr. Arun Garg discusses how often you should visit the dentist for a good dental hygiene.

What Can You Expect When Having A Professional Cleaning And Dental Exam Done?

You will first come into our office and be seated by the hygienist. The hygienist takes x-rays of your teeth, which are used in conjunction with a diagnostic visual exam. The hygienist then performs a thorough cleaning using a variety of tools as well as machinery. The gums are checked for any signs of inflammation and gum disease. One of our doctors then comes in and performs an exam to check for cavities, loose restorative work and even oral cancer. You will then be scheduled to have any additional work done as needed. The entire process of a cleaning and exam takes about an hour and should be done twice a year

What Happens When I Go In For My Checkup?

Dr. Arun Garg discusses what happens during a typical hygiene appointment and what you should expect.

What Are The Benefits Of A Professional Cleaning And Dental Exam?

Professional cleanings and exams take less than an hour in our office. We work to improve the look and feel of your smile. Having a cleaning done doesn’t just prevent decay and gingivitis, but it can take care of issues with bad breath and mouth dryness. Exams will spot issues early on so that we can create a customized treatment plan for you.

Why Is Good Dental Hygiene So Important?

Dr. Arun Garg discusses why Dental Hygiene is important and how it affects much more than most might think.

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