How Can Dentists Help Diabetic Patients?

How Can Dentists Help Diabetic Patients?

For a diabetic person, other health-related issues can be concerning, especially their oral health. Today, we’ll highlight how dentists help patients who have diabetes. Diabetic patients have high blood sugar, which takes a heavy toll on their bodies. Moreover, the disease is spreading like wildfire across the world. You will find many people around you that either has diabetes or have pre-diabetes symptoms.

However, taking care of your oral health when you have diabetes is quite essential. In such circumstances, dentists play a crucial role in improving the oral health of the patient. Here, we’ll discuss different ways through which dentists help diabetic patients.

Dentists help Diabetic patients

Be Open About It

Dentists are well-aware that diabetes can deteriorate the patient’s gum diseases. Thus, they are quite open about it, which helps patients understand the importance of oral health.


The first way to deal with diabetes is preventing ourselves from high sugar intake, while the second way is early diagnosis. An excellent oral exam can help diabetic-prone patients to get treatment quickly. For instance, high blood sugar can cause kidney disease, nerve damage and heart disease. Thus, don’t forget to get oral exams regularly to ensure that your blood sugar remains normal as well.

How does Diabetes affect the Oral Health of a Patient?

Type 2 diabetes is quite disastrous for your oral health and causes the following dental problems.

  • Gum Disease: Gingivitis is probably the most common dental disease worsened by diabetes. Thus, if both diabetes and gingivitis are left untreated, then they can become severe in time.
  • Thrush: People with diabetes have more probability of developing thrush which is a fungal infection. Its symptoms include painful red or white patches inside your mouth. You can avoid it by maintaining good oral hygiene.
  • Dry Mouth: Most diabetic patients experience a lack of saliva which is a condition known as xerostomia or dry mouth. Without saliva, there is a prominent risk of tooth decay, thrush or gum diseases to diabetic patients.

All in all, oral exams are essential to not only maintain your oral health but can help you well-informed from the probable diabetic disease. It’s further necessary if you have a diabetic background in your family, which increases the chances of you to get diabetic.

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