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Wisdom Teeth Removal

What is Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Wisdom tooth removal is done when the third molars do not have enough room to fully come in. Wisdom teeth begin to develop in the early adult years. Most patients do not have enough room for the teeth to fully erupt, which can cause problems with inflammation, infection and pain. We recommend having wisdom teeth removed as soon as possible or when they begin to cause problems.

What is an Impacted Canine?

Impacted canines often affect children who are losing their baby teeth. The permanent canine tries to come down into place, often becoming impacted because of tight dentition. The canine then protrudes from the gums in a way that affects the look and feel of the smile. Impacted canines should be treated early on to prevent full development of the tooth in this position.

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Why would you need Wisdom Tooth Removal or treatment of an Impacted Canine?

Wisdom teeth should be removed as soon as possible when they are at their smallest. When left in, the wisdom teeth begin to grow and can become more of a problem to remove. Impacted canines need to be fully exposed so that they are able to come down into place with the help of bracketing orthodontics. The process is to help children have a more even-looking smile.

What can you expect during surgery for Wisdom Tooth Removal and Impacted Canines?

For wisdom tooth removal, the type of surgery depends on whether or not the teeth are impacted. Impacted wisdom teeth require more complicated surgery to fully expose and remove. Sutures are used to close up the area where the wisdom teeth have been removed. For impacted canines, the canine is exposed to make it easier to provide orthodontic treatment. The canine is then bracketed and providing with orthodontic treatment to bring it down into a proper position. In some cases, the doctor may fully remove an impacted canine because it serves no purpose in the adult’s mouth. Both surgeries are done easily in our office and you will be provided with post-op instructions to ensure adequate healing.

If you have wisdom teeth that need to be removed or think you or a child may have an impacted canine, call our office and we can get you in for a consultation.