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Dental Fillings

So you need a Dental Filling?

Dental fillings can be placed in any tooth that has been affected by decay. Fillings are made out of composite resin, which is designed to mimic the look of a natural tooth. They can last for years with proper care and good oral hygiene. Fillings save a natural tooth from needing a root canal or complete extraction.

Why would you need a Filling?

You might need a filling if you have a cavity in one or more of your teeth. Cavities often start out small, but they continue to get larger the longer they are ignored. Over time, the cavity will begin to descend into the tooth and infect the pulp. This is when a root canal will be needed. Before it gets to that point, it’s important to come in for a simple filling.

What are the benefits of a Dental Filling?

Fillings are designed to replace dental decay. The decay is carefully removed from the tooth using a slow speed drill. The filling is meant to retain the integrity and strength of the tooth, which is important in preventing it from cracking or breaking. Fillings can be placed in any tooth and are one of the most common restorations.

What should you expect during the Filling procedure?

The decay is first removed from the tooth completely. The hole is then prepped for the filling material. The composite is poured deep into this hole and will be smoothed into place. The material is then cured completely using a bright light. Once it is set, the filling will remain in your mouth and look as well as feel like any of your other natural teeth. The procedure is done in less than an hour and we can do multiple fillings in one appointment if needed. The best way to prevent dental decay is by brushing your teeth regularly, flossing daily and keeping up with preventative care appointments.

If you think you need a dental filling, call our office and we can help to answer your questions and get you in for an appointment.