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In the world of dentistry, the hygiene team is often a patient’s first line of defense and in many cases, the “unsung” heroes of the dental office. That’s because so much of a clinic’s workflow comes through basic cleanings and annual checkups. Just like the car you drive, so much of dental health rests on preventative maintenance. Come in for your cleanings, have your mouth checked for cavities, and continue good home care and it’s likely your natural teeth will last your entire life.

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Our Hygiene Team is Committed to Your Oral Health

At the Centers for Dental Implants our Dental Hygiene team is second to none. Committed to each patient’s oral health, you can expect your hygienist will take the time to walk you through the entire procedure.

A hygiene visit starts with a patient screening and assessment of oral health. The hygienist will then review your overall health history and will perform an oral cancer screening, as well as inspecting your head and neck. Depending on the time since your last visit X-rays will be taken of your mouth. Once they are developed (a process which takes minutes or less) the hygienist will begin the “hard work” of cleaning your mouth. This involves a combination of scraping hard and soft deposits (calculus and plaque) off all teeth surfaces. High pressure warm water is also used to remove the debris and to clean between teeth. As a final cleaning step fluorides and other sealants may be used to increase tooth enamel strength.

Once you are finished with your cleaning the hygienist will review with you the overall state of your oral health and offer home care and nutritional advice. This is to ensure that your next cleaning is even better. Proper tooth brushing and flossing all will be discussed. Your hygienist may also make an impression of your teeth to construct a model of your mouth. This may be useful for future study or as a reference point as your mouth structure and teeth health change.

Most importantly, your hygienist strives to impress upon all patients the value of maintaining good oral health. Studies repeatedly show that poor oral health is an indicator of other health problems. Very often the first signs of disease show up in your mouth – and sometimes those signs can be symptom-free, or easily ignored.

The bottom line: treating your body right begins with caring for your mouth. And our team of oral experts is ready to give you a treatment experience like you’ve never had before.

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