Dental Implant Restoration

When dealing with scientific and medical topics you often hear about what’s possible and what’s probable. Both terms are relative to specific time scales. It goes something like this: what’s possible in 100 years might be inevitable in 1,000.

Dental implants, a highly sophisticated medical device that’s fused to living human bone, operate in the same manner. That’s especially true when discussing implant failure or complications. Thanks to radical advances in imaging and materials used, implant failure is today a rare occurrence. In fact, implant placement success rates are often as high as 99 percent.

Over time, however, implant failure can become a risk. It’s not something that happens often. But when it does, know that your team of oral surgical experts at the Centers for Dental Implants is committed to resolving your complications as quickly and as pain-free as possible.

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Types and Signs of Implant Complications

The most common complications are related to the abutment, the connector piece that joins the artificial tooth crown to the implant, and the crown itself. Perhaps the crown has cracked or maybe the implant itself has come loose.

If the implant has become mobile it’s likely that osseointegration – the process by which titanium fuses to bone – never took place. Advanced gum disease can also undermine implant support. Likewise infection surrounding the implant can do similar damage. Signs of gum disease, or its more advanced cousin, periodontitis (and for implants, peri-implantitis) include:

Red, swollen, bleeding gums – especially after brushing or flossing
Gum soreness that won’t go away
Adjacent tooth pain or sensitivity to hot and cold foods and beverages
Bad breath that won’t go away
Loose teeth or changes in your bite and how your teeth align in your mouth

If your implant has become loose there is a tendency among patients to try and wait it out. Trust us when we tell you this is a poor decision. A loose implant will not suddenly re-tighten on its own. It needs to be looked at by one of our trained specialists as soon as possible. Otherwise further delay could risk additional bone damage.

What Happens Next?

The type of implant complication treatment depends on what kind of trouble you present at your next appointment. If the problem is only about a loose, cracked, or lost crown, the repair is relatively simple. If the crown has fallen off and you have it, make sure to bring it with you. If the crown is cracked or chipped we may be able to repair it without having to remove it. Even if the crown does need to be replaced, we can manufacture it on-site with our in-office milling capabilities.

 If your implant has failed it must be removed. Next, we will evaluate your jawbone health and determine if a bone graft is required. This will increase the chances that the new implant will not fail. Essentially, we have to start from the beginning and, once there is sufficient bone built up, insert a new implant. 

What Will Replacement Be Like?

Your existing implant will be removed while you are under anesthesia. The area will be cleaned and bone will be grafted into the implant site. The bone graft takes about 6-9 months to fully integrate. Once there is sufficient bone the implant process is identical to the initial implant placement. Dietary restrictions and swelling and pain management are also the same.

The good news is that because implant failure is so rare, if one implant does need repair, chances are extremely low that others will be affected. The team at the Centers for Dental Implants will conduct a thorough examination with X-rays and determine to what extent we can assist or if additional specialists are required.

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Once the implant process is completed, you’ll enjoy a beautiful, natural-looking smile for many years to come, along with renewed self-confidence and no more mouth discomfort! For more information about restoring your smile with dental implants, or to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Garg and his team, contact the Center for Dental Implants at one of our locations around Miami today!

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