The Value of Dental Implants: A Patient Perspective


Here are two mind blowing figures to kick-start this blog: $5.9 billion and $4.8 billion. One is the estimated dollar value of the dental implant industry in 2022 and the other is the gross domestic product of a major industrialized nation.

Give up which one is which?

According to Akash Anand, a market research company, dental implants will represent a six billion industry in only a few short years. That’s assuming a compounded annual growth rate of about 4.6%. The other billion-dollar figure is Japan’s GDP, currently the fourth largest in the world.

It’s pretty staggering when you think about how valuable the dental implant industry has become. The question is why? Dental implants have been a viable treatment option for patients for decades. What’s changed to herald this increasing value?

The Wheels of Knowledge Turned with a Screw

The biggest differences has been threefold: a drop in the cost of implants for the average patient seeking a straightforward (read: uncomplicated) procedure, decreased treatment time, and radically reduced risk of failure.

Add to that, that thanks to continuing education programs like my own, more and more general practice dentists are gaining the skills – and confidence – to perform these surgeries in-house rather than refer out, and what you’re left with is a revolution. As a dental surgeon with more than 25 years experience, I can say with complete assurance, that these are the most exciting times to be living in.

Dental implants consist of three parts: a titanium screw which over time fuses to bone (or osseointegrates) just like natural teeth, an abutment, which is a connector attachment that sits on top of the implant. And a crown, which is the prosthetic tip that resembles a natural tooth.

While dentures, bridges and partial bridges and other teeth replacement methods all still have their place in dental treatment, dental implants are the closest analog to natural teeth. With proper care they can last a lifetime, giving patients the confidence and smile they’ve longed for, for years.

Dental Implants Make Dollars and Sense

For some patients, it’s understandable that they may at first resist treatment. While the cost of an implant varies, a rough estimate is $3,000 to $4,000. And yes, insurance doesn’t often cover the procedure.

Maybe that promotion at work seemed out of reach in part because you feared you didn’t “look the part.” Maybe you consciously or subconsciously don’t smile as much as you’d like. After all, repeated studies prove that smiling is essential for human health and happiness and for social engagement.

The New You Begins Now!

Seen in this light, spending a few thousands dollars on a new tooth or teeth seems all the more worthwhile.

So if you’ve been on the fence regarding your dental treatment, consider this blog a conversation starter.

Your new life can be just an appointment or phone call away!

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